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The newly branded site is just about ready for it’s debut tonight at 7:07PM. Few works of art manifest on the canvass fully complete at the first brush stroke and ours is no exception. We’ll continue to refine the site to bring value to our customers, pointing to the things that interest them and meet their needs.

Leave a Comment if there’s something you’d like to see included and we’ll check it out.

Where’s WAM?

Our legal name is still Words & More. We’re introducing BRAND | Sovereign  as our energetic new visual, giving honor to the One who has empowered this company for over 15 years.

So sit back, relax, and rejoice with us secure in the knowledge that everything you’ve come to respect and rely upon in your relationship with Words & More continues to serve you well in BRAND | Sovereign.

Who creates your brand?


Word of mouth consistently ranks at or near the top of the pile for most cost effective and highly trusted methods of new business generation. This is a blessing because designers often suffer from a lack of their own attention.

My prime communications goal this year is to relaunch Words & More with a bold, clear connection to God who remains the source of my success. Over the next two months, this site will take shape. My hope is that it will become a richly rewarding, well-balanced experience for my visitors.

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