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How can we have so much scandal in politics?

The world’s wisest man concluded that there is nothing new under the sun.

Indulgence in scandal is not new. In fact, King Solomon was personally acquainted with it; likewise his father King David, and many other ancestors of the present day church and modern society.

Inappropriate behavior, faulty financial decision-making, and outright lies and cover-ups explode from the pages of the daily news like missiles launched from multiple industries. Banking and politics have been particularly hard hit over the last few years but corrupt practices can “suddenly” change the landscape of many lives.

Take heart and know that leadership should be under scrutiny. Make time to examine your own heart and see if you are leading out of your “Sonship” (that is to say, by the spirit of God living inside you). If you are applying Godly principles to the vision you’ve been charged to carry out, you will never have to look over your shoulder or shamefully embarrass your spouse and family.

Obviously books on leadership abound. The “how-to” isles at bookstores are filled with people trying to figure out the latest best practices. I can tell you with total confidence that God knows them all. He inspired the Bible which is full of good news for leaders. But, knowing many people will categorically not mosey over to the “religious” isle or directly seek His advice, He has called some good men and women to the task including John Bevere. Honors Rewards is one of my all time favorites. The leadership team at In Christ New Hope Ministry read this books two years ago. This year we’re using John Maxwell’s leadership primer: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

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