Who’s listening to me?

Bold, you say? Or something slightly less kind?

And yet many businesses and individuals all over the globe; from Haiti to Egypt, Iran and Libya; and now New Zealand are asking this very question. And mark the nearly universal popularity of the phrase (probably trademarked): Can you hear me now?

I’ve come to present an answer, well two answers really; like two sides of a single coin. The highly popular question is strikingly similar to an age-old query posed by King David: What is man that you are mindful of him? Humans, especially humans in positions of power, require astute coaching to keep them operating at peak efficiency while bypassing the dual pitfalls of ego and exhaustion. And yet, of the many voices out there vying for the position closest to their ear, they need to select the one that will give them the Truth.

So here is my first answer: God. I know that you were not surprised. I am far too transparent to surprise anyone who has read the first post let alone this fifth one. And that’s a good thing. I’m easy to get to know that way.

And here is my second answer: everyone; that is, everyone who seeks the same things I do. Peace, joy, fruitfulness, purpose, or as Jesus said, in paraphrase: to be a Father pleaser. You may not hear my voice, but your heart speaks the same things to you that mine does to me. You may take the same route to get there; as a person, business owner, leader, parent or teenager, or however you have learned to frame your identity — or you may seek another route. The Internet has made it possible for us to bridge geophysical, even biopsychosocial, divides and share in one another’s thinking and best practices. We can celebrate (or condemn) achievements and circumstances that we pass on our road to Emmaus or the corner office. We can also leverage our resources, be them as they may, to gain a larger platform (I would have said bully pulpit but I find it a repulsive oxymoron) armed with six degrees of separation and the bandwidth of an amped up megaphone. The Internet brings nearly every man’s ear within hearing and the numbers are compounding upwards at a staggering rate just like the bricks of the Tower of Babel.

So the question after-all, as David knew, is not really can you hear me now. Or even do you care about me or what I’m doing now. The three-in-one bonus round answer is but of course. Rather, it seems to me that the question for kings and everyday folks alike is: What’s coming out of my mouth? If I am truly the prophet over my own life, am I issuing a powerful, bold, life-affirming prophetic decree? My answer is yes, everyday. How about you?

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