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Love at Last Sight (Kerry & Chris Shook). Initially I was resistant to the authors. I felt limited by the 30-day approach and also their firm and oft-repeated belief that there were at least three problem relationships in my life right now. Who told you that? They also talked like authorities on the subject of love and, let’s face it, they hadn’t yet established their bona fides with me. All that stuff lasted for 18 pages. By page 19, when the first mention of value appeared, I conceded that they did indeed speak with authority on the subject.

The book presents a challenge for people to live at their best. To honor God by honoring others. To be the bigger person as much as possible (but of course remaining humble about it). For example, I appreciated this definition of encourage: “to give courage to someone else” (p. 110).

Three things, in particular, were very useful. First, the organization of the book is itself like a story. There is a clear beginning encapsulating the problems we all face; a middle that lays out a specific trajectory for where you really want to transition yourself/your relationships; and an end that frames a new horizon for your view of relationships. Second, the folksy writing style; like a semi-private conversation with a trusted confidant during a backyard BBQ, makes the book easy to keep reading even when the content hits a raw nerve. And third, the end-of-chapter challenge questions and exercises.

This is a great book for your summer reading list. If everyone read it, the world would be a different place in 30 days. Should you read it if you’re generally happy and practicing healthy relationship behaviors? Yes, even if everything is coming up roses in your life right now, you may be able to encourage someone else who needs a chat with a friend. Referencing a book they can bring into their uneven or troubled relationship will be easier than calling you all the time.

Disclaimer:I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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